Is it time to become your most empowered & worthy self? 

The Empowerment Blueprint 

A 12-week program to uncover, reclaim and step into your self-worth & personal power. 


Are you ready to turn your wounds into worthiness? 

The Self-Empowerment Method: A 12-week online program to free yourself from unworthiness, rebuild your confidence and OWN what it means to be YOU. 

So, let me cut to the chase a little here, as I know you have been slammed with online programs and ear-bashed with 2020 promises. 

Like you, I often find myself almost puking too, over the over-hyped, over-fluffy nonsense that can be spread across the internet. 

So my aim is not to add to more of that noise but to CUT THROUGH IT with my straight-up authentic truth.

Because you know what? I actually give a damn about you.

I care that you don't feel worthy or enough.

I care that you still sabotage good things in your life because there's still a little girl inside who is hurting. 

I care that you are keeping yourself small, that you silence your voice and don't feel brave enough to use it. 

I care that even though you've done so much of the work, you still feel like something's missing. 

I care that you want more for yourself this year, and I care that you're looking to find the best way and best person to take you to that next level. 

WHY? Because I've been you.

I've sat where you sit now, I've searched and tried so hard to find the right fit, the right person, the right program, hoping and praying that there would be something out there that would actually work. 

I care; because I have worked with hundreds of women just like you too, and nothing makes me happier than to see them go from wounded girl to an empowered woman on fire with the feeling of worthiness & joy.  

This is what I'm here for, to give you the tools to light yourself up from the inside out. 

I'm ready to see you shine and f**king OWN it without apology. 

Are you? 



Yasmin is the absolute best. I now wake up every day full of love and happiness. I’ve come off my anti-depressants which I’ve been on for nearly 20 years. I’ve been able to forgive not only myself but others whom I believed had wronged me. I’m now so excited for the future and everything that it holds and it’s all thanks to Yasmin. 

~ Claire  


I contacted Yasmin in a moment of overwhelm of emotions in my life. I was truly decided to take a new direction in my life, remove all the old stuff in the way of me becoming my best self, but I just did not know how. It was just too much. Just after my first session with Yasmin I had a massive shift. A major block was released. Today, 1 month after my first session, I feel literally a new person, with so much more awareness and many tools that I can apply myself in moments of need. When you think you know a lot about yourself, you can dig in much deeper. She helped me see things I had no clue they were actually in the driver's seat of my life. Now they are no longer there.

~ Ana

How many of these sound like you right now? 

- There’s a part of you that longs for more, that is hungry for deeper connection and greater growth. You’re at a point where you’re ready to feel lit up in life. 

- You want to come to a place of self-acceptance without getting caught up in perfectionism, judgement & self-sabotage. 

- You logically know you're enough but you're ready to embody and feel it on a deep soul-level. 

- You want to believe and trust in yourself more instead of doubting and second-guessing. 

- You've done a lot of self-development work, but you still feel like you're missing the tools to create embodied change.

- You're tired of getting triggered by the same type of people, you just want to be able to come to a place of peace. 

- You want to learn how to truly free yourself from the past so that you can put old wounds to rest. 


If this sounds like you, I SEE you and you're not alone in this...

After working with hundreds of women over the last few years, I have come to realise that so many of our problems (even though outwardly may seem different) are the same. They all come back to the same root of unworthiness, shame, fear and abandonment.

Whether you’ve been held back by self-doubt, self-sabotage, perfectionism, people-pleasing or low self-worth, this program is going to help liberate you from those states.

The Empowerment Blueprint is a 12-week immersive program with the purpose of not only helping you heal, shift and evolve, but also learn the tools, strategies and rituals that will allow you to continue on the journey by yourself. 


It is designed to help you shift your mindset, improve the way you feel about yourself and empower you with the tools to find inner freedom & take back control of your happiness, life and emotions. 

This program is a container that allows you to unfold and uncover your truth without judgement, where you are encouraged and empowered to embody every aspect of what you learn so that you can live it.  


To say I've noticed a change within myself during the last 12 weeks would be the understatement of the century. I have not experienced any anxiety during this time, my OCD has diminished and I've learnt so many new techniques to keep myself grounded, at cause and on this new found trajectory in life. There have been some bloody hard truths, a lot of tears (so many tears!!) a lot of lightbulb moments and plenty of growth.
Yasmin, you have helped me to heal old wounds, clear out so much of the bullshit I unknowingly carried around with me for years and find new ways to fill myself up. I honestly feel like a completely different person and I can not thank you enough for your guidance and support. I'm so excited to keep working on myself and giving myself the love and time I know I deserve.
Thank you thank you thank you!

~ Dayna

Imagine yourself for a moment... 

  • Knowing, feeling and believing that you are worthy and enough, without thinking it lies in your relationships, achievements or body.

  • Being secure, whole and complete from within, without relying on external factors.

  • Feeling empowered and confident in who you are without needing to prove or justify yourself to others.

  • Having the tools to help you let go of the past, dissolve any blocks and move through any future challenges that come your way with grace and certainty.

  • Trusting yourself so much that you can lean into growth, take positive risks and decisions with ease.

  • Speaking your truth with confidence (without the fear of what anyone might say back to you).


… I have created a specific step-by-step process that will help you to embody all of this and more, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

What makes this program so different from the rest?

The majority of my clients have worked with a clinical mental health professional prior to working with me, and all of them said that they got so much self-awareness and understanding, but that they were still missing something vital: the tools to create change around that awareness.

This program not only helps you identify your blocks and the root of them, but it also SHOWS you how to clear, heal, release and let go on a deep level.

After this program, you will have learnt the steps, tools and processes to help yourself shift and grow - tools that can be used for the rest of your life.


It’s time to take back your power and to gift yourself the opportunity to heal and thrive!

This program is my gift to you…

Hear about Mandy's experience on this journey: 

What's IN this course? 

All masterclasses are live and interactive.
You are held in an intimate, safe group environment with women who are on the same healing journey as YOU.
With me as your facilitator, I'll guide you to where you need to be in a way that allows you to feel nurtured, held, supported and free to speak your truth. There's a certain magic from the group format that can't be replicated in 1:1
(if you have experienced this before, you'll know what I'm talking about!). The insight and learnings you will gain in this component will truly be life-altering. If there is anything that comes up that you cannot shake in our group sessions, you will also receive

 throughout the duration of the program. 

Following each masterclass, you will receive an emailed summation, including action steps to continue on with the topic of that masterclass. You will also have access to a library of video content to assist you with each module. 

Stay on track and get the guidance and support you need along your journey.  These are personal check-ins where you can ask any questions or bring up any struggles you might be facing. 

Be held in a safe container and a part of an intimate community of
like-minded women on the same journey as you. 



This program is perfect for you if...

  •  You’re prepared to put in the work, face all parts of yourself so that you can wake up feeling whole and content in yourself and in your life.

  • You no longer want to skim the surface of self-development, you want to dive deep, get messy and do the work necessary to liberate your soul.

  • You know you have blocks and patterns that aren’t serving but you want the tools to break free from them.

  • You want to know HOW to feel and embody worthiness and cultivate the feeling of being enough.

  • Even though you feel nervous, you are ready to own your story and all of who you are without apology. Spending another year feeling the same way is no longer an option.

  • You know there are things that need healing and addressing from your past and you’re ready to give yourself the opportunity to free yourself from that.

  • You want to learn HOW to heal and let go of the past and put a stop to toxic patterns and relationships (with yourself and others).

  • You’ve decided it’s time to truly learn to love and accept yourself because you’ve spent too long being at war with you.


So, who am I and what do I know about any of this? 

Hi, I’m Yasmin, a Certified Mindset & Empowerment Coach who’s on a mission to empower women with the tools and education to be their own healers, heroes and parents.

I work with women who are done feeling unfulfilled, unworthy and are ready to step outside of their limiting beliefs, end their toxic patterns and find out who they are outside of their story of pain.

I use a blend of Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and - Hypnotherapy among other healing techniques so that you can reclaim your power, self-worth, self-love and live with confidence.

Before I found my way to this work, I was stuck in my own story of pain, I was weighed down by my past and wholeheartedly believed that I was never going to be enough.

I spent years searching for my worth via my achievements, being a people-pleaser, sleeping with men and by striving for the perfect body.

No matter how much I achieved, no matter how “good” I was to others, no matter who I slept with or how great my body looked, I still felt empty, I still felt unworthy and if anything, those feelings just got deeper.