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It's time to release ourselves from the judgement and shame of being human so that we can open our hearts and watch our worlds transform.

This event is an opportunity for you to be YOU, to connect, to be seen and to nourish your heart and soul.

Enjoy sunset Rosès & canapés, whilst being shifted and uplifted by the empowering stories of a few women who are courageous enough to share their own journeys of finding power within their imperfections.

Women's Empowerment Evening

Don't Judge A Rose By Its Colour


This is a 5-day immersive retreat that will take you deep dive into who you are, help you to release yourself from that past, tap into your power and connect to your purpose .


Undergoing a deeply transformative process like this can be uncomfortable, challenging and intense which is why you will be supported to grow in a luxury Bali villa in the heart of Canggu, where you can recharge, relax and feel safe to walk the path of the warrior. 

Men's Bali Retreat 

Awaken the warrior