September 26, 2017



There will be a voice in your head that's going to put you down. That will make you doubt yourself and make you question what you're doing. 

There will be a whole bunch of beliefs that tell you "you never finish what you start" "you don't have enough confidence/qualification/resources" "you're not good enough" "you're not worthy" blah blah blah

There'll be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement, fear of what everyone else will say/think... fear of letting people down, of not being approved by mum, dad, anyone else in your life. 

And there'll be endless experiences from your past that you may try and use to stop you like getting bullied, being abused, being hurt, cheated on, manipulated, violated... the list goes on. 

But in all of this, there will be choices. Oh, so many choices. .


The choice to believe in the voices, the beliefs, the conditioning, the experiences and be controlled by fear. 

Or the choice to believe there's another alternative. Maybe I don't have to live this way. Maybe I could be confident. Maybe I could believe in myself, maybe I am worthy, maybe I can...

Because I believe that when you can OWN that choice, believe in that option, you can become RESOURCEFUL... you can find people/places/tools/strategies to heal your wounds, to breakthrough all of that stuff you keep saying is weighing you down, to forgive yourself and others that hurt you, to LEARN and be grateful... and most of all, to LET GO. 

I'm a big fan of treating the problem not the symptom. 

And because of this, I'm truly proud of how much BS I have cut through so far this year. All the healing, letting go, learning, embracing, surrendering, stretching, forgiving and growing has led me to where I stand right now.




I'm so impressed with my own courage and strength to dig deep and do the work on myself (and I'll continue to do so). 

So the reason I'm sharing this, isn't to boast about how good I am (or is it?), but to share that if you want a life of your dreams, if you want to be happy, if you want to be fulfilled, successful... or whatever it is you truly desire- work on yourself FIRST.


Find out WHY you haven't got "it" yet and WHAT is holding you back.

Because life actually doesn't have to be so god-damn hard.

Relationships don't have to be hard.

Your job/career/business doesn't have to be hard.

Your relationship with yourself and your body doesn't have to be shit.


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September 26, 2017

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