POTENTIAL: The illusion we keep falling in-love with.

November 16, 2017

As humans, we fall in love with potential. 

We fall in love with the potential that we won't always be doing this job, or that one day we will be successful and rich, yay!!!!

We fall in love with the potential of our body, that one day we won't look like this, one day we will have super lean legs or abs or straight teeth. 

We fall in love with the potential that one day our partner will look better, or be more successful (wealthy), more driven, more confident, just more... 

We think we love, ourselves, our jobs, our partner, but what we really love is what the future "could" bring. 

We think we're falling in love with life, when really we're falling for the illusions we create of what our life could be some day, which ironically comes from a place of judgement, self-criticism and CONDITIONAL love. 

Not only that, we live life with a whole bunch of conditions:

"I'll be happy when I..."

"I'll love him/her more if/when" 

"I'll love myself more when I'm..." 

And these are the same conditions that keep us so very stuck, and stop us from ever truly being happy. 

You see we get so attached to the potential future of our life, that when things don't work out, we're either miserable, think the worlds against us, or worse we think it's all we deserve, all the while missing beautiful learnings the universe had tried to give us. 

It confirms the belief that our TRUE desires aren't a possibility, that we aren't worthy of those, that some how we should be ashamed or guilty for wanting what we want... like a nice house, car, attractive partner, success etc etc 

**insert your own devilish desire here**

Now there's a lot more I could say about this, but we could be writing the entire Harry Potter series in full once more. 

So I'll lead out, simply with this:

what is it about your true, deep desires that you're so afraid/ashamed of admitting to yourself you want them? 

And who taught you this ?


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