February 14, 2018


If you're looking for your perfect match, consider this, the entire world, your entire external (and internal) reality is founded by contrast and polarity. 

It is important we notice this, as whatever is going on outside of you, is truly giving you insight into what needs healing, resolving, shifting, knowing,expressing or accepting. 

Every person that enters our world, is only ever a reflection of us. 

A reflection of our internal world. 

Often what we may see in that mirror and deem as wrong, frustrating, annoying, inspiring, attractive, is essentially what we need to address within ourselves.

We won't always like what we see. 

We won't always see what the mirror is showing us. 

However, when we begin to change and shift internally, the people outside of us will also change. 

If there's something you're suppressing, you'll often find it over-expressed in someone who enters your life. 

A perfect example is anger. When one person is suppressing, someone will show up in your life and appear to be over-expressing, 

If there's something you're rejecting or disowning within yourself, it may be found in someone who makes you angry, frustrated or some form of button-pushing. 

If there's one thing I've learnt, it's that avoiding this universal truth, being unwilling to open your mind, to open up to yourself and bring awareness to what you may be avoiding, only makes the contrast stronger. 

You'll keep attracting more and more contrast into your life (in the form of people, situations and feelings) until you start to become curious and see what it is all trying telling you. 

And let me tell you, the echoes will get bigger and bigger. 

The situations more chaotic, confusing, uncomfortable, distressing or seemingly impossible.

You'll catch yourself asking "why me" over and over until you finally peer inside the door of your inner world. 

For me, today (valentines day) isn't just about expressing love and gratitude outside of me, but more about unity and balance of my internal relationships, the masculine and feminine, the light and the shadow and all parts of me that need the most care and consideration. 

When we master more of ourselves, we bring into our lives the relationships that light us up, whether that's in friends or lovers.

So if you find yourself today outwardly focussing on why you're alone, why you never have any luck, why you never meet anyone good... I'd ask you to look inward. 

What are the parts of you, you're disowning? 

I'd ask you to question what the purpose is of "finding someone", is there a void you're not wanting to acknowledge right now? 

All in all, today I hope you not only give love and thanks to the people you cherish in your life, but turn that energy toward yourself. 

The true love of your life is waiting for you, always has been and always will be... deep inside your own skin.

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