Permission To Rise.

April 18, 2018



It’s time beloved. 


It’s time to let go of the shackles that have weighed you down throughout your life (and many lives). 


It’s time to free yourself. 


To embrace the magic of your essence and fully embrace your powers and gifts. 


It’s time to step into the shadows and rise from that acceptance into the light. 


It’s time to love all of yourself, in every form. 


To acknowledge the mistakes, the hardships. 


To honour every part of you, every version you had to become in order to grow and learn. 


It’s time to look at those versions of you in gratitude and acceptance. 


It’s time to drop the shame that has claimed you for too long, your power and your energy. 


The shame that was put on you by patriarchal ideals, the shame that was put on you in fear that you could not ever be loved as a whole human being. 


It’s time to connect back. 


To the wild sensual woman you are, as well as the nurturing mother. 


It’s time to connect to your your wisdom, as well as your playfulness. 


It’s time to connect. 


To go within, so you can shine with-out.  


To align yourself with the natural cycles of life and the cyclic nature of being a woman. 


To realise you are a part of so much more, and yet also realise that you are so much more in your own right, in your own imperfectness. 


To trust again, in yourself and in life. 


To be brave and courageous and explore the infinite possibilities that are your reality. 


It’s time to remove the lenses of a past that no longer serves you. 


To thank it, but to allow space for the new that is unfolding. 


It’s time to block out the whispers of harsh words that constantly bruise and batter your gentle heart. 


It’s time to remove the mask. 


No more being mislead, misguided, and enticed by follies. 


You are here my darling. 


On this earth, 


In this life, 


In this body. 


No more running from the home that is you. 


No more searching, it is all within. 


Time to let go. 


Let go fiercely, 


Let go tenderly, 


You have permission. 

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