The Flow of Becoming & Unbecoming

April 18, 2018



I now realise that I'm still rising.


Like the lotus that rises from the mud in order to blossom, I am rising from the mud of my past, the mud of my imbalanced ego, the mud of my past wounds, the mud of my conditioning and all that is no longer me.


I am slowly rising.


I used to think I wanted to rise fast, I wanted to grow quickly, and now I realise that there's no enjoyment in that journey.


I want to savour the road to becoming.


All that I am and all that I will be.


I want to flirt with life and all it's lessons as I slowly rise higher and higher, as I move through each layer of the murky waters with grace and patience.


I want to enjoy each and every twist and turn that life has install for me, so that I can absorb all its wisdom.


I trust in my journey, and I have faith that everything is leading me straight to where my souls sight is set upon.


As long as I remember my truth, and remain wary of my ego and falsities that may present themselves, I know I will be ok.


I know I'll reach my destiny and complete my life's work.


But today, I realise I'm happy to take it slow. There's no rush, and there's no one I'm racing against.


I'm ready to let go of what society expects as success or growth or legacy.


I'm ready to let go of proving it all to the world.


I'm ready to let go of the mask I no longer need to wear.


I'm ready to get off the hamster wheel I thought I had to live on.


Today I set myself free.


Today I allow myself to rise up,




Today I allow myself to blossom,




Just like the lotus, I allow the unfolding of life to happen as it is meant to, without force.


So that the beauty may be expressed in its entirety, without strain.


And in this allowing, I am finally moving closer towards my becoming.


My destiny.





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